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Ashley - CEO
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Jim - Driver
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"With the first flurry - Don't Worry"
This has been the slogan for Jim’s Snow plowing since 1979
when I purchased my first truck.  

My dear friend, the late Jeannine Cowie, placed the slogan on some stationary and business cards. Jeannine was helping me organize the clerical and book keeping segment of my venture.  At the time, as well as now, I thought the slogan was so neat, and in honor of Jeannie it will never change.

I, with assistance of my friends have been providing prompt dedicated service to Marseilles and the surrounding area for the last 29 years.  

I presently have three trucks and a Bob Cat. One of the trucks is equipped with a salt spreader and a second that is equipped with a liquid deicer-spraying unit.

I provide snow removal and ice control applications to residential and commercial at reasonable and competitive rates; and am fully insured.

I offer Bob Cat service as well.  So if you have a need for a Bob Cat contact me as well.  I have various attachments to fit your need.

Feel free to contact me if I can ever be of service to you.